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We Specialize in New & Preowned Wedding Gowns, Wedding Dresses, Bridal Gowns, Bridal Dresses, Prom Gowns, Prom Dresses, Formal Gowns & Special Occasion Dresses at discounted prices. Turn your Dress into CA$H today, call or stop in for more info.

                   COUNTERFEIT GOODS INFO.

     It is illegal in the United States to sell counterfeit, (fake/knockoff), purses,            shoes,clothing etc. please do not ask us to consign or buy "knock off" items            even though you may see many Flea Markets, Festivals, Yard Sales, Online Sellers etc. selling them, it is still illegal.  

During the past 3 years Designer Consigner, LLC and the owner have been big advocates against the sell of counterfeit goods. We try and educate our customers and other consumers about how the sell of counterfeit goods hurts the American Economy-costing Americans billions of dollars in loss of jobs.  There is evidence that the money from the sale of Counterfeit Goods goes towards gang related activity, terrorist activity, child labor and can be dangerous to our health and safety, especially our children. Designer Consigner, LLC has spoken out and has given interviews with Kara Kenny from Chanel 6 news and our local newspapers in trying to educate consumers regarding the sale of counterfeit goods. We have shared our many experiences in trying to educate consumers. Due to the fact that we are such big advocates against counterfeit goods, we make sure our high end designer purses, shoes and clothing are authentic.

               We take the following steps to assure our items are authentic:

:We authenticate all our designer items through reputable authenticating services. 

:When available we provide customers with the actual receipt from the designer or store the item(s) was purchased at. 

:Since September 2013 we ask anyone selling/consigning us high end designer purses, shoes or clothing to sign a waiver stating that their item is authentic.  

Please do not be offended if we should ask you to sign a waiver if you are selling us or consigning with us a high end designer item, it is to guarantee to our customers that we are selling them a quality authentic item.  If you should have any questions regarding the sale of any of our high end designer items either at our store or on our website, please don't hesitate to give us a call.  

                                                  DESIGNER CONSIGNER,LLC

                                                         SEPTEMBER 2013